Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

What is the main function of a dehumidifier?

The dehumidifier is designed to reduce the humidity level in a room in which it is installed.

Does the fan of this dehumidifier turn off when the set humidity level is reached and the compressor switches off?

Yes, it does.

How to avoid repeated emptying of the water tank?

The dehumidifier can be connected to a drain located nearby by the means of a drain hose, thus it will not be necessary to switch off the unit in order to empty the tank.

In case of power failure, does this dehumidifier restart automatically, keeping its settings?

Yes, it does.

Can this appliance also be used as an air purifier?

The washable air filter captures dust particles, hair, lint, etc.

Is this appliance equipped with consumables?

Not, it isn’t. The air filter is washable

How often should the air filter be cleaned?

The washable filter must be cleaned every time it traps lots of dust particles. The normal operation of the dehumidifier is affected if the air filter does not allow easy air passage.

What happens if the air filter is not cleaned when clogged with impurities?

The dehumidifier will no longer operate properly or may even malfunction.

Can this dehumidifier be used for drying clothes?

Yes, it can.

How to reduce the energy consumption?

The closer the room humidity level is to the set humidity, the less frequently the dehumidifier compressor turns on and, thus, the lower the energy consumption.

Can the dehumidifier be placed in a room with a larger surface area than the one mentioned in its technical specifications?

Yes, but the efficiency will be lower than the one mentioned in the technical specifications and its wear will be higher.

Why the water is not collected in the tank anymore?

Check the settings, as the desired humidity level may already be reached, or the room temperature is very low (less than 5 degrees), or the set humidity is higher than the room temperature.

Does the dehumidifier stop when the set humidity level has been reached?

? It does not stop, but it constantly monitors the humidity level in the air.

Does it have a gravity drainage system? How can I use it?

Connect a drain hose to the gravity drainage hole of the dehumidifier.

Where should I place the dehumidifier? Do I need one in each room?

Depending on the size of the room to be dehumidified and the capacity of the appliance, you can choose one or more devices.

Can the dehumidifier influence the temperature of the room in which it is installed?

Due to the process of water condensation through the refrigerant circuit, it is possible that the temperature of the dehumidified exhaust air is slightly higher than that of the air in the room.

Is the water collected in the tank drinkable?

No, but it is deionized, so it can be used for household appliances.

What temperature range can it operate?

Between 5-35 degrees Celsius.

What is the ideal humidity level?

The ideal range of relative humidity 50% -55% RH.

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